A Guide to Cat Trees

a-guide-to-cat-treesCats, like dogs, have their playhouse or where they could spend most of their time scratching, climbing, and lounging. Cat trees are popular for this to give cat’s best place to play. Hence, having one for your pet is an adorable idea for you. The good thing about this is that you will no longer have to deal with their messy activities scratching your pretty carpets and getting their fur on the couch. When choosing for cat trees, you must observe certain criteria to match with the need for your cat. To list some, refer to the texts below. 

Made of sturdy material. It doesn’t have to be the finest wood, but it has to be strong enough to handle your cat’s activities. As you can observe, your cats are very playful, and they tend to jump and scratch and run around your place. Hence, a well built cat tree should be purchased for it.

Has platforms. These are one of the best attractions on the cat tree. Cats love to jump and leap from one plant for to another. Thus having more that two platform is cool for your pet. Other cat trees are designed to have more than two. These also mean that your cat would have few poles to scratch and climb. Sure it would be fun!

Comfortable lounging place. Most cat trees do have a platform where cats can lounge. Hence, when choosing a cat tree, you must pick the one that has nice furry covering that your cat would be comfortable to lay down. There are different options to choose from that comes with different colors of your likes. It would be nice to choose the ones that match your cat’s fur or the color of its poles or wall paint of your place. 

Has a good height. Cats love to jump or leap from heights. Hence, when choosing a cat tree, it should have to be tall enough to challenge your cat’s fancy of playing and jumping. There are cat trees available in stores and featured online that come with different heights. You can choose among them depending on the behavior of your cat and how well it loves to have a tall playground. 

Nice built and looks. Your cat tree should be pretty enough to place inside your home. This should have a nice color that would blend with the interior design or the color of your furniture and wall paint. Its presence should be a good attraction or a nice part of your place. Having a cat tree at home is one of the wonders where your visitors would get attracted with. It is also a nice item for your place where you can enjoy watching your cat play its stuff like scratching and climbing.

A cat tree at your place is very cool to have. It does not only give your cat a designated place to play but will also add up to the attraction of your house. Hence, when choosing for a cat tree, take the criteria above, so you are well guided with the best pick for your cat and your place.